Welcome to the Centre for Journalology website. Journalology is the science of publication practices and the study of these activities.

The aim of this website is to keep researchers at The Ottawa Hospital up to date on changes in the scientific publishing landscape. We seek to support researchers as they conduct and report their studies in order to ensure that research published from the institution is as clearly and transparently reported as possible, and that it conforms to international best practices. This website of resources may help researchers to improve their manuscripts and get published quicker, with fewer revisions and resubmissions, in the best-suited journal.

The Centre for Journalology is based in the Methods Centre of the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (OHRI) and operates under the leadership of Dr. David Moher.

RESEARCH: Increasing the value of biomedical publishing

Regrettably, current evidence suggests that we are failing when it comes to publishing fit-for-purpose manuscripts. Non-reporting, poor quality in reporting, and bias are widespread. These issues are endemic to both clinical and pre-clinical research. An excellent series recently published in the Lancet entitled ‘Research: increasing value, reducing waste’ highlights these problems. Failing to report research, or reporting it poorly, is wasteful and has negative consequences for knowledge exchange and may potentially result in clinical harms. The Centre for Journalology group is active in researching and developing interventions to target improvements in the conduct and reporting of biomedical research.

OUTREACH: The Publications Officer

The Publications Officer role aims to target the above-mentioned deficiencies in reporting by providing resources and educational outreach to researchers on how to publish fit-for-purpose papers. You can contact the Publications Officer, Dr. Kelly Cobey, with any queries you have related to publishing.

If you have any questions or feedback to offer about the content of this webpage, please contact Dr. Kelly Cobey