Publication tools and resources, and newsletters generated by the Publications Officer, will be added to this page as they are developed. If you have feedback on the existing documents, or suggestions for tools that you would like to see developed, please contact the Publications Officer directly.

Video resources

  1. The OHRI/CHEO RI Publications Officer role (Dr. Kelly Cobey); See slides download here.
  2. Research Waste / EQUATOR conference
  3. Reproducibility: What makes science true? - NOVA
  4. Hyde Park Debate Webinar: Does the journal impact factor do more harm than good?
  5. SPSP Experts discussing the value of open science

Become a user of free services related to academic publishing

  • Altmetrics: Learn about alternative metrics or download the Altmetric Bookmarklet to track your manuscripts impact.
  • Impactstory: Learn about the online impact of your research
  • Open Science Framework: Learn more about tools to collaborate, keep organized, and make your research documents publicly available
  • uOttawa Research Repository Learn how to deposit your published or unpublished work to make it freely accessible
  • ORCID: Get your persistent digital identifier to distinguish your work from other researchers and to keep a record of your outputs.

Resources for Writing

Browse the links below to learn more about tools and resources related to academic publishing.

Resources for Publishing