Current Funded Research

We gratefully acknowledge the support of our funders. Below is a list of currently funded research led by PaHRG members.

Behaviour theory-based predictors and barriers and enablers to organ donation registration: a multi-method systematic review with meta-analysis and meta-synthesis
Funder: Queen Elizabeth II graduate scholarship
PI: Bonnell
Supervisor: Presseau

De-implementing low value care: a research program of the Choosing Wisely Canada Implementation
Funder: CIHR
PIs: Grimshaw, Bhatia, Dowling, Hall, Parfrey, Presseau, Taljaard
Co-Is: Aubrey-Basler, Barrett, Bouck, Brehaut, Campbell-Scherer, Cooke, De Carvalho, Emery, Etchegary, Faris, Finegan, French, Green, Hart, Hartling, Ivers, Johnston, Kirkham, Mahoney, Mariathas, Moore, Mrklas, Naugler, Nguyen, Norman, Patey, Rahman, Squires, Thavorn, Wade, White, Witteman
Knowledge Users: Levinson, Sikorski, Baird, Beesoon, Browne, Fairclough, Gapanenko, Lacey, O’Neill, Patey, Robert, Sala, Scott, Slomp, Thompson, Wasylak, Wyld

Using ‘brain hacks’ for multiple health behaviour change: Planning the first-in-Canada evaluation of implementation intentions at scale
Funder: CIHR
PIs: Presseau, Grimshaw, Squires
Co-Is: Armitage, Bacon, Conner, Desroches, Gaudreau, Horsley, Ivers, Kellar, Lavoie, McCleary, Patey, Rhodes, Sniehotta, Taljaard, Thavorn, Welch, Witteman

Feasibility of implementing source plasma donation with alternative eligibility criteria for men who have sex with men
Funder: Canadian Blood Services / Health Canada
PIs: Presseau, Goldman
Co-Is: O’Brien, MacPherson, Otis, Germain, Devine
Collaborators: Rosser, Lapierre

Enabling multi-site, tailored feedback interventions to reduce low-value test ordering in critical care: a systematic approach
Funder: CIHR
PIs: Brehaut, Presseau , McCudden
Co-Is: Boet, Colquhoun, Forster, Grimshaw, Ivers, McIntyre, Taljaard, Thavorn, Iyengar, Dalton-Kischel, McDonald, Neilipovitz, Watpool

Registration for deceased organ donation in family physician offices
Funder: CIHR
PIs: Presseau, Garg, Grimshaw, Prakash, Mitchell
Co-Is: Li, Knoll, Bjerre, Kim, Naylor, Sontrop, Dixon, Taljaard, Getchell
Collaborators: Faulds, Bevan
Citizen Panel: Mitchell, Edwards, Currie, Sullivan, Harvey-Rioux

Understanding decision making in organ donation: A national study
Funder: CIHR
PIs: Chassé, Presseau, Jordison
Co-Is: Ball, Brehaut, Burns, D'Aragon, Dhanani, English, Fergusson, Fortin, Kitto, Knoll, Lauzier, Li, Martin, Meade, Sarti, Shemie, Turgeon, Weiss, Marsolais

An implementation science based approach to increase diabetic retinopathy screening attendance by people living with diabetes in ethnocultural minority settings
Funder: Diabetes Action Canada
PIs: Presseau, Dogba
Co-Is: Brent, Grimshaw, Ivers, Squires, Legare, Witteman