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Combatting predatory academic journals and conferences

Published in March 2022, Combatting predatory academic journals and conferences has been prepared by the InterAcademy Partnership (IAP), the global network of science, engineering and medical academies.  It builds on the international consensus work (Nature 2019) and describes a spectrum of predatory behaviours, ranging from fraudulent to low-quality to questionable or unethical ones, as a tool to help researchers make more informed decisions about where they publish and present their work. 

The report makes wide-ranging recommendations to all key stakeholders – researchers, universities, academies, research funders, publishers, libraries and indexing services, international science networks and IGOs – and calls for urgent and concerted action to help combat these pervasive and damaging practices. For further information, please contact secretariat@iapartnership.org

The press release is here, and the video of the launch event here.

Twitter post: https://twitter.com/IAPartnership/status/1502307569037189137

LinkedIn post: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/interacademypartnership_world-academies-call-for-concerted-action-activity-6908067430200156160-7UY9