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Our Centre is keen to communicate our work the patients and the public. Browse the links below to see previous coverage and blog pieces on the Centre and its research team.

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How the Centre for Journalology hopes to fix science
c&enCentre for JournalologyMay 10, 2021David Moher
Kelly Cobey

How Ottawa’s Centre for Journalology is tackling the scourge of predatory publishers
University Affairs Predatory publishingMarch 20, 2020Kelly Cobey
David Moher

To help protect research, experts agree on a definition of predatory publishing
EurekAlert!Predatory publishingDec 12, 2019Agnes Grudniewicz
David Moher Kelly Cobey Manoj Lalu

Predatory journals a global problem
EurekAlert!Predatory journalsSept 6, 2017David Moher
Kelly Cobey
Manoj Lalu

We need to develop counter adaptations to predatory journals
BMC Blog NetworkPredatory publishingApril 21, 2020David Moher
Kelly Cobey

Predatory journals: Researchers propose solutions to stop the 'corruption of science'
PhysOrgPredatory publishingDec 4, 2017David Moher
Kelly Cobey
Manoj Lalu

Journals endorse new checklist to clean up sloppy animal research
Science Mag (AAAS)Pre-clinical researchJuly 14, 2020David MoherArticle

Principles to enhance research integrity and avoid 'publish or perish' in academia
PLOSResearch IntegrityJuly 16, 2020David MoherArticle

Thirteen ways to spot a ‘predatory journal’ (and why we shouldn’t call them that)
The World University RankingsPredatory publishingDavid Moher Article

Predatory publishing a growing problem, warn scientists
CTV NewsPredatory publishingOctober 7, 2017David Moher
Kelly Cobey

The crisis of predatory publishers sucking the blood of science
ABC Predatory publishingMay 5, 2019David MoherPodcast

'We've been deceived': Many clinical trial results are never published
CBC NewsResearch transparencyNov 24, 2016David Moher
Kelly Cobey

Black lists, white lists and the evidence: exploring the features of ‘predatory’ journals
BMC Blog NetworkPredatory publishingMarch 16, 2017David MoherArticle

Academics Raise Concerns About Predatory Journals on PubMed
The ScientistPredatory journalsMay 9, 2019David MoherArticle

Predatory journals that publish questionable research a global problem: study
CTV NewsPredatory journalsSept 7, 2017David MoherArticle

Bringing a ‘trust but verify’ model to journal peer review
UW NewsPeer reviewJuly 20, 2017David MoherArticle

What fake science journals may do to your health
Ottawa CitizenPredatory journalsOct 9, 2019Kelly CobeyArticle

Articles in ‘predatory' journals receive few or no citations
Science Mag (AAAS)Predatory journalsJan 7, 2020Kelly CobeyArticle

Bias, Conflicts, Spin: The 8th Olympiad of Research on Science & Publishing Begins
PLOS Blog – Absolutely MaybeData sharingSept 10, 2017Kelly CobeyArticle

Stopping Predatory Journals Takes Teamwork
American Council on Science and HealthPredatory journalsDec 19, 2017Manoj LaluArticle

Predatory journals prey on public and patients
The Naked ScientistsPredatory journalsDec 9, 2017Manoj LaluArticle

India top contributor of low-quality research in 'bogus' journals
Business StandardPredatory journalsSept 7, 2017Manoj Lalu
David Moher

Animal registries aim to reduce bias
NatureResearch transparencySept 9, 2019Manoj LaluArticle

Patient gets life-changing diagnosis thanks to Open Science
The Ottawa HospitalOpen ScienceKelly CobeyArticle

‘Journalologists’ use scientific methods to study academic publishing. Is their work
Science Mag (AAAS)Reporting standardsSept 19, 2018David MoherArticle