Our Research

The Psychology and Health Research Group’s (PaHRG) research activities focus on three interlinked pillars and underpinned by a foundation of behaviour change theory and methods:

Pillar 1: Evidence Synthesis of Health-related Behaviour Research

We conduct scoping and systematic reviews of literatures that focus on behaviour or behaviour change. These include reviews of behaviour change interventions, investigations of intervention characteristics and ‘active ingredients’ (e.g. behaviour change techniques, mechanisms of action, mode of delivery) as well as reviews of applications of specific theories/models/frameworks.

Pillar 2: Determinants of Health-related Behaviour

We conduct qualitative and quantitative research to identify theory-based factors linked with behaviour. Findings provide an empirical basis for behaviour change intervention development, including selecting techniques to target modifiable factors linked to behaviour.

Pillar 3: Health-related Behaviour Change Intervention Evaluation

We rigorously evaluate theory-based behaviour change interventions, emphasizing randomized and cluster-randomized designs, and conduct theory-based process evaluations embedded alongside trials to assess fidelity and mechanisms of change.

Foundation: Health-related Behaviour Change Theory and Methods

All research activities within PaHRG apply state-of-the-science theory and methods to ensure continuity and the development of a cumulative evidence base.

Funding: our research is funded by local, provincial and national funding agencies