The Ottawa Hospital awarded six CIHR grants worth $2.6 million

September 7, 2020

Could a common diabetes drug help prevent ovarian cancer? Can a tailored screening program help prevent eye disease in immigrants? Is sepsis different in females versus males, and if so, can this help us develop better treatments?

These are just a few of the big questions that researchers at The Ottawa Hospital will try to answer with six new project grants from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), worth a total of $2.6 million.

“Research projects such as these will help us provide the best care possible for our patients and community, while advancing science and improving health on a global scale,” said Dr. Duncan Stewart. “I’m proud that The Ottawa Hospital has consistently ranked as one of the top hospitals in the country for highly-competitive CIHR funding, ranking fourth overall in 2019-20.”

The new grants include:

Comparison of Bleeding Risk between Rivaroxaban and Apixaban in Atrial Fibrillation (COBRRA AF) 

  • Principal Investigators: Castellucci, Lana; Le Gal, Grégoire; Perry, Jeffrey J; de Wit, Kerstin
  • Co-Investigators: Ramsay, Timothy O; Hibbert, Benjamin M; Thavorn, Kednapa; Stiell, Ian G; Healey, Jeff S; Kovacs, Michael J; Birnie, David H; Schulman, Sam; Parkash, Ratika; Shivakumar, Sudeep P; Kahn, Susan R; Solymoss, Susan; Blostein, Mark D; Campbell, Samuel G
  • Amount: $100,000

Sex differences in preclinical models of sepsis: a systematic review

  • Principal Investigators: Lalu, Manoj M; Liaw, Patricia C; McDonald, Braedon A; Macala, Kimberly; Fiest, Kirsten M; Fergusson, Dean A; Gill, Sean E; Fox-Robichaud, Alison E
  • Co-Investigators: Mendelson, Asher A; Welsh, Donald G; Veldhuizen, Rudolf A; Vazquez-Grande, Gloria; Stewart, Duncan J; Medeiros, Sarah K; Lehmann, Christian; Cepinskas, Gediminas; Arora, Jaskirat; Kristof, Arnold S; Ellis, Christopher G; Winston, Brent W; Charbonney, Emmanuel; Mawdsley, Laura; Bourque, Stephane; Marshall, John C; Tieu, Alvin; Sharma, Neha; Sohrabipour, Sahar; Cailhier, Jean-Francois; Zhang, Haibo; Kubes, Paul; Zarychanski, Ryan
  • Amount: $112,500

Preventing blindness by going to where you are: Culturally-competent tele-retina programs to support newcomers to attend diabetic retinopathy screening

  • Principal Investigators: Presseau, Justin; Dogba, Maman A; Brent, Michael H
  • Co-Investigators: Grimshaw, Jeremy M; McCleary, Nicola; Lawrenson, John G; Ivers, Noah M; Witteman, Holly M; Boucher, Marie-Carole; McHugh, Sheena; Thavorn, Kednapa; Yu, Catherine
  • Amount: $637,398

Use of antimicrobial peptides, LL-37/17BIPHE2, as vaginal spermicides/microbicides as part of multipurpose prevention technology (MPT) 

Evaluating the palliative and end-of-life care of older Canadians living and dying with dementia 

  • Principal Investigators: Tanuseputro, Peter; Hsu, Amy T
  • Co-Investigators: Kyeremanteng, Kwadwo; Bush, Shirley; Downar, James; Isenberg, Sarina R; Lawlor, Peter G; Manuel, Douglas G; Maxwell, Colleen J; Webber, Colleen; Fitzgibbon, Edward J; Howard, Michelle I; Quinn, Kieran L
  • Amount: $378,675

Reducing ovarian cancer risk by regulating age-associated ovarian fibrosis

  • Principal Investigator: Vanderhyden, Barbara C
  • Co-Investigators: Trudel, Dominique; Strickland, Sarah; Jacobson, Michelle R
  • Amount: $680,850

These projects are supported by core research resources at The Ottawa Hospital, such as the Ottawa Methods Centre and ICES uOttawa.

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