Ottawa researchers contribute to three important studies shaping COVID-19 care

April 28, 2022

Researchers from The Ottawa Hospital continue to play a key role in influential COVID-19 research, with three studies recently published in top-tier journals. 

The first study, published in JAMA with Drs. Kumanan Wilson, Darine El-Chaâr and Mark Walker as co-authors, found that receiving a COVID-19 vaccine during pregnancy does not lead to increases in complications around the time of childbirth. 

The second study, also published in JAMA with Dr. Marc Carrier as co-author, found antiplatelet therapy like aspirin and P2Y12 inhibitors did not improve outcomes for critically ill patients with COVID-19. 

The third study, published in BMJ with Dr. Lana Castellucci as co-author, looked at prone positioning, placing a patient who has difficulty breathing on their stomach. Usually reserved for sedated patients who are intubated, some early reports suggested it could help awake hospitalized patients with COVID-19 breathe better and avoid intubation. The randomized controlled trial found that prone positioning in awake hospitalized patients with COVID-19 had no impact on their outcomes.

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Media Contact
Amelia Buchanan
Senior Communication Specialist
Ottawa Hospital Research Institute