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Contact Information

Edward Clark, MD MSc FRCPC
613-798-5555 x82569

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Edward Clark

Associate Scientist, Clinical Epidemiology Program
Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine
University of Ottawa
Nephrologist and Medical Director for Critical Care Nephrology
The Ottawa Hospital

Research Interests

Primary Focus:
  • Acute Kidney Injury
  • Critical Care Nephrology
  • Renal Replacement Therapy

Other Interests:

  • Vascular Access for Acute RRT
  • Living Kidney Donation

Brief Biography

Edward Clark is a Staff Nephrologist, Assistant Professor and Medical Director of Critical Care Nephrology at The Ottawa Hospital and the University of Ottawa. He is also cross-appointed to the School of Epidemiology and Public Health and an Associate Scientist in the Clinical Epidemiology Program of the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute.
His medical education has been at Queen's University (Kingston, ON) and McGill University (Montreal, QC) with a Masters in Epidemiology from the University of Ottawa. He is dual-trained and certified in Nephrology and Critical Care Medicine with a clinical and academic focus on Acute Kidney Injury and Renal Replacement Therapy.

Selected Publications

  • Clark EG, McIntyre L, Watpool I, Kong JWY, Ramsay T, Sabri E, Canney M, Hundemer GL, Brown PA, Sood MM, Hiremath S. Intravenous albumin for the prevention of hemodynamic instability during sustained low-efficiency dialysis: a randomized controlled feasibility trial (The SAFER-SLED Study). Ann Intensive Care 2021; 11: 174.
  • Hryciw N, Joannidis M, Hiremath S, Callum J, Clark EG. Intravenous Albumin for Mitigating Hypotension and Augmenting Ultrafiltration during Kidney Replacement Therapy. Clinical journal of the American Society of Nephrology : CJASN 2021; 16: 820-828.
  • Clark EG, Hiremath S, McIntyre L, Wald R, Hundemer GL, Joannidis M. Haemoperfusion should only be used for COVID-19 in the context of randomized trials. Nature reviews Nephrology 2020; 16: 697-699.
  • Douvris A, Zeid K, Hiremath S, Bagshaw SM, Wald R, Beaubien-Souligny W, Kong J, Ronco C, Clark EG. Mechanisms for hemodynamic instability related to renal replacement therapy: a narrative review. Intensive care medicine 2019; 45: 1333-1346.
  • Douvris A, Malhi G, Hiremath S, McIntyre L, Silver SA, Bagshaw SM, Wald R, Ronco C, Sikora L, Weber C, Clark EG. Interventions to prevent hemodynamic instability during renal replacement therapy in critically ill patients: a systematic review. Critical care 2018; 22: 41.

Diseases, conditions and populations of interest

Research and clinical approaches