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Warren J Cheung, MD, MMEd, FRCPC, DRCPSC (CE)
613-798-5555 ext. 17196

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Selected Publications

Cheung WJ, Hall AK, Skutovich A, Brzezina S, Dalseg TR, Oswald A, Cooke LJ, Van Melle E, Hamstra SJ, Frank JR. (2022). Ready, set, go! Evaluating readiness to implement competency based medical education. Medical Teacher [Published online March 8, 2022].

Cheung WJ, Wagner N, Frank JR, Oswald A, Van Melle E, Skutovich A, Dalseg TR, Cooke LJ, Hall AK. (2022). Implementation of competence committees during the transition to CBME in Canada: A national fidelity-focused evaluation. Medical Teacher. [Published online February 24, 2022]  

Cheung WJ, Chan TM, Hauer KE, Woods RA, McEwen J, Martin LJ, Patocka C, Dong SL, Bhimani M, McColl T. (2020). CAEP 2019 Academic Symposium: Got competence? Best practices in trainee progression decisions. Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine, 22(2), 187-193.  

Cheung WJ, Wood TJ, Gofton W, Dewhirst S, Dudek N. (2019). The Ottawa Emergency Department Shift Observation Tool (O-EDShOT): A new tool for assessing resident competence in the emergency department. Academic Emergency Medicine Education and Training, 4(4), 359-368.  

Cheung WJ, Patey A, Boet S, Mackay M, Frank JR. (2019). Barriers and enablers to direct observation of clinical performance – A qualitative study using the Theoretical Domains Framework. Academic Medicine, 94(1), 101-114.

All Other Publications

Cheung WJ, Dudek NL, Wood TJ, Frank JR. (2017). Supervisor-trainee continuity and the quality of work-based assessments. Medical Education, 51(12), 1260-1268. Cheung WJ, Dudek N, Wood TJ, Frank JR. Daily encounter cards – evaluating the quality of documented assessments. J Grad Med Educ 2016;8(4):601–4. 

Cheung WJ, Rosenberg H, Vaillancourt C. Barriers and Facilitators to Intraosseous Access in Adult Resuscitations When Peripheral Intravenous Access Is Not Achievable. Acad Emerg Med 2014;21(3):250–6. 

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