AATI Fragment Analyzer

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Fragment analyzer automated System works based on Capillary Electrophoresis (EC) technology which offers high sensitivity, dynamic range and separation quality. This instrument has capability of analyzing 12 to 96 samples per run.

AATI Fragment Analyzer
AATI Fragment Analyzer
Services Provided

StemCore Carries a wide range of quantitative and qualitative Kits for RNA, DNA and genomic DNA analyses.

  • Standard sensitivity Fragment Analysis Kit (Input Conc. Range: 5-100 ng/ul)
  • High sensitivity Fragment Analysis Kit (Input Conc. Range: 50-5000 pg/ul)
  • Standard sensitivity Genomic DNA Analysis Kit (Input Conc. Range: 5-200 ng/ul)
  • High sensitivity Genomic DNA Kit (Input Conc. Range: 50-5000 pg/ul)
  • Standard sensitivity RNA Analysis Kit (Input Conc. Range: 5-500 ng/ul)
  • High sensitivity RNA Analysis Kit (Input Conc. Range: 50-5000 pg/ul)
  • The Fragment Analyzer™ analytical software package PROSize® provides key metrics including a method for scoring RNA integrity called the RNA Quality Number (RQN).
  • Samples from local researchers should be dropped off at the StemCore lab Facility Monday-Friday between the hours of 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM along with a fully completed Request Form. Please ensure that the label on the tube exactly matches the sample name given on the request form.
  • Samples from external sources should be shipped to the mailing address below via Federal Express or Purolator to the attention of Kathy Sheikheleslamy. In advance of shipment please email the request to ksheikheleslamy@ohri.ca. If your sample has been obtained from human subjects, please include a copy of the appropriate ethics review approval forms. RNA samples should be shipped on dry ice to the StemCore Laboratory. It is important to label the sample "Perishable". Please also include a copy of the previously faxed request form with the shipped samples.
  • Results can generally be obtained 2 days from date of receipt and will be forwarded in a .pdf report by email.
  • All samples are processed on a first come first served basis.
  • Please submit only the required amount as samples are not kept for long term storage and retrieval.
Cost per sample Internal (OHRI / U of Ottawa) Cost per sample External Academic Cost per sample External Government Cost per sample External Industry / For profit
Fragment Analysis $21 $23 $27 $31
Reaction Submission Format

In order to minimize error and reduce turnaround time we will only accept samples that are provided in the following format:

  • Each sample should be provided in a 1.5 ml microfuge tube.
  • The microfuge tube should clearly be labeled with black indelible ink with the sample name as well as the requestor's initials.
  • Please ensure that the name on the microfuge tube corresponds exactly to the name indicated on the request form.
  • 3 ul are required for the Fragment Analyzer assay, 5 ul for both Qubit and Fragment Analyzer.
Mailing Address

Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
Sprott Center for Stem Cell Research
StemCore Laboratories
Room 5132, Critical Care Wing
501 Smyth Road
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1H 8L6

Contact Information

Kathy Sheikheleslamy
613.737.8899 x73251 (lab phone)
613.739.6294 (fax)