Clinical Investigation Unit (CIU)

The Clinical Investigation Unit (CIU) is 12-bed clinical research facility, with an integrated Pharmacokinetics (PK) Lab, located at the General Campus of The Ottawa Hospital. The CIU has extensive experience in the design and conduct of clinical and pharmacokinetic studies in all phases of drug development from Phase I to Phase IV, including bioequivalence studies, drug-drug and drug-food interaction studies.

The CIU can also provide private accommodations for short-term or prolonged overnight stays with experienced research nurses and physicians available to provide 24-hour monitoring of study participants. The CIU also operates an on-site laboratory for handling, pre-analytical processing, storage and shipment of specimens for any sample processing needs.

The CIU operates according to Good Clinical Practices (GCP) and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) which are maintained and updated on a regular basis. Furthermore, all studies are conducted according to the International Conference on Harmonization (ICH) guidelines and the principles set forth in the Declaration of Helsinki.

The CIU is also well integrated with other Ottawa Hospital Research Institute support services to enable virtually any complex study design.