Strategic Research Priorities

Research at OHRI is focused on answering important health questions and translating new findings into benefits for patients and society. OHRI has had particular success in this “translational” aspect of health research, with several therapies developed in-house now showing promise in clinical trials, and many examples of OHRI-led studies transforming health care around the world.

To capitalize on this success and guide further translational research efforts, OHRI has developed the following two Strategic Research Priorities:

Regenerative and Biological Therapeutics

This priority is designed to foster “bench to bedside” research – turning basic discoveries in cellular and molecular biology into new regenerative and biological therapeutics to improve health. Examples of our success in this area include stem cell therapies for multiple sclerosis and cardiovascular disease and oncolytic virus therapies for cancer.

Practice-changing Research

This priority is designed to put knowledge to work – performing high quality clinical research that can inform health decisions and ensuring that results are optimally applied to improve health. OHRI has developed a Methods Centre to guide this kind of research, and we are known around the world for our expertise in knowledge translation/implementation research, clinical decision rules and patient decision aids.

These Strategic Research Priorities are designed to cut across our existing Research Programs and foster collaboration and the translation of research findings into practical applications. They are also aligned with external funding opportunities and with areas of strength at our partner institutions.

In addition to these Strategic Research Priorities, OHRI has developed the following Strategic Research Theme:

Vascular Health

Increasing evidence suggests that blood vessels may be at the root of some of the most common chronic diseases that affect the heart, brain, kidney, lung and eye. With an integrated approach to Vascular Health, OHRI researchers will be able to develop new therapies and better ways of managing some of the most pressing health challenges affecting Canadians.