Micro CT Core Facility

Price List

Once you have taken the half-day training course and a cost center for your ongoing bookings you can start to use the Core Facility. Image acquisition is charged at a rate of $60 per hour, minimum one hour. (Please note: users cancelling less than 48 hours from the time of the booking will be charged $120)

Image analysis is provided at no charge.

Training fee is $250 for initial session, for up to two staff, and $100 per staff afterwards.

Consultation time with the Micro CT Core Facility staff is available at a rate of $30 per hour.

Booking time in the core facility is done via our booking calendar (access information is provided at the time of training).

This image, rendered by the Micro CT Core Facility, shows the vasculature of the lungs of a healthy 14 day old rat pup, which was infused with barium for contrast. The image was then processed to show colour coding for vessel thickness. Image by Dr. Jennifer Collins, Thébaud Laboratory. The image is not yet published (in process), and is intellectual property of the Thébaud Laboratory.