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Departmental Impacts/ Notifications

Note: It is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator/Research Staff to notify the relevant TOH/UOHI department(s) when the research project may have an operational impact (i.e., time, staffing, space, scheduling, etc.), on the department that only occurs because the patient is a research participant; i.e., impact due to research is beyond clinical/standard of care requirements.

Appropriate registration to TOH/UOHI departments distinguishes between clinical and research activity for tracking and billing purposes.

All notifications/impacts are managed through the 'Notifications' Tab of the Clinical Research Registration Form (CRRF), whether the Board of Record is OHSN-REB, CTO or OCREB.

Unsure who to contact to obtain a signature? Please see the List of Departmental Contacts.

All Departmental Signature forms listed below can also be found in the Notifications tab of the CRRF.

Department Form(s) Version Date
TOH Nursing Version 7
January 10, 2018
UOHI Nursing September 20, 2013
Radiation Safety N/A
July 2021
July 2022
TOH Medical Imaging February 23, 2021

Note: This is not the impact form. Once reviewed, the Department of Medical Imaging will provide you with a signed Impact Form.

June 26, 2020
UOHI Diagnostic Services November 1, 2019
TOH and UOHI Pharmacy

Note: All studies using drug must be registered with Pharmacy whether or not medications will be dispensed by the pharmacy.

Studies using the Cancer Centre Pharmacy do not require registration.

  • Pharmacy Study Support Fees
  • 2022-2023 Peer Reviewed
    (coming soon)
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine - Note, a signed impact form is only required if the test appears on "Impacted Tests" sheet found in the excel worksheet. 2019
TOH Shared Lab and Freezers March 2018
TOH Cardiopulmonary Services (Pulmonary Function Test, ECG, Respiratory Therapy Services, Hyperbaric Medicine Unit, Non-Invasive Cardiology) 2022
UOHI ECG Services November 1, 2019
Analytics (Performance Measurement) / Data Warehouse / Epic Cogito Reporting / Health Records

Note: The DRIF is not the Departmental Impact Form. After the DRIF is submitted, an analyst will work with the Researcher to complete the Impact Form (Data Specification Form) required by the OHSN-REB. Instructions for submitting a research request

June 2021
Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) For TOH/OHRI, send protocol and Investigator Brochure for review to OHRIresearchsafety@ohri.ca. Upload the response into the Notifications Tab of the CRRF. N/A
For UOHI/OHIRC, contact Sadeeka Dean at sdean@ottawaheart.ca . IBC will issue a Biohazardous Materials Use Certificate (BMUC) for upload into the Notifications Tab of the CRRF. N/A
Ophthalmology December 3, 2020
Obstetrics, Gynecology and Newborn Care Version 2.2
August 8, 2018
Emergency Department October 6, 2009
Centre for Rehabilitation Research and Development January 28, 2016
OR and Device/Implant Version 3, May 8, 2019
Other Departmental Services (i.e. Clinical Investigation Unit, Space and Planning Management, Nutrition and Food Services, etc.). A letter/e-mail of support from the Department is accepted. N/A


The OHSN-REB initial ethics application as well as all post approval forms (Amendment Form, Reportable Event Form, Continuing Review Form and Study Closure Form) are now available electronically via the Clinical Research Registration Form (CRRF) in IRIS. Please see IRISGuide for instructions.

Note: If your study is complete and you do not anticipate accessing the health records anymore, consider closing your study using the Word Study Closure Form instead of submitting electronically in IRIS, but do this promptly because this will only be offered for a limited time! The Word document version will only be accepted via email to REBAdministration@ohri.ca until June 1, 2022.