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Research Administration relies on an electronic web-based application called the Clinical Research Registration Form (CRRF) for tracking all research being conducted on site or by our researchers. All clinical research activity must be registered in the CRRF. Researchers/staff must access the CRRF through their own IRIS homepage. Please see the User Guide for Getting Started (coming soon) for details on how to obtain an IRIS account and access the IRIS system. For more information see the Process Map for the Clinical Research Registration Form (CRRF)

Who needs to register their research project in the CRRF?

  • All TOH/OHRI personnel conducting research
  • All UOHI/OHIRC personnel conducting research

All research projects conducted by the above personnel must be registered in the CRRF

  • regardless of where the recruitment of participants, data collection and/or sample collection is taking place.
  • regardless of the Board of Record (e.g. OHSN-REB or CTO Stream).

Is OHSN-REB review and approval required? (coming soon)

green light

When can researchers begin their project?

New "green light" process for studies. An Institutional Approval Letter from OHRI and/or OHIRC is required prior to the initiation of the study.

The CRRF displays three sections, or "tabs": Ethics, Contracts, and Departmental Notifications.

Institutional Approval is an indication that you have satisfied all requirements for the three tabs, as applicable. Once approved, an Institutional Approval Letter will be issued, and the study may begin.

Tabs to be completed in the CRRF to obtain Institutional approval

Ethics Application Stream Ethics Tab
(Full or Registration)
Contracts Tab Notification Tab Institutional Approval
Clinical Trials Ontario (CTO)
(including OCREB)
  • Provincial Application

(Registration only)
  • Centre Initial Application
    *Provincial applicants only need to submit 1 CRRF.

(Registration only)
Studies submitted under the CHEO and
OHSN-REB Harmonization Agreement:
    (when OHSN-REB is Board of Record)

    (when CHEO-REB is Board of Record)

(Registration only)

French Translation Policy in Clinical Research

In keeping with The Ottawa Hospital (TOH) and the University of Ottawa Heart Institute (UOHI) policies on bilingualism, the Ottawa Health Science Network Research Ethics Boards expect that patient participants who are approached to participate in a clinical research project be able to receive recruitment materials, informed consent, and study documentation in the official language of their choice, English or French.

Translation applies to all research studies that involve patient participants at TOH and/or the UOHI, regardless of who the Board of Record (BOR) is (OHSN-REB, OCREB, CHEO REB or BOR through CTO Stream, etc.).

Please see the "Translation" tab of the OHSN-REB website for more detailed information.

CTO Stream Information

Instructions for CTO Stream Submissions and Registering your CTO project in the CRRF

CHEO and OHSN REB Harmonized REB Review Process

As of December 18, 2019, studies falling under the jurisdiction of both CHEO and OHSN REB (i.e., due to Investigator affiliations and/or study activity at both sites) no longer require two separate ethics applications.

Instead, CHEO REB and OHSN REB will work collaboratively to review and approve the research studies via one ethics application. There will be a single Research Ethics Board of record assigned.

Note, the studies must be registered with the opposite REB (not acting as Board of record) and Institutional approval at each institution (OHRI or OHIRC and CHEO/CHEO RI) is still required prior to study start.

Note, if in addition to CHEO and/or TOH/UOHI, the research will be conducted at multiple sites in Ontario who are participating sites in Clinical Trials Ontario (CTO), the research study should be submitted through CTO Stream.

What is the process?

Study teams must complete a REDCap Survey: TOH & CHEO REB Harmonization
The Survey will be reviewed to determine the following, which will need to be submitted simultaneously:
  1. the review system (ROMEO at CHEO/CHEO RI or IRIS at TOH/OHRI) to be used for ethics review which will be used for the life of the study
  2. the system for study registration (TOH/OHRI Clinical Research Registration Form (CRRF) via IRIS or CHEO Administration application via ROMEO).

The decision and further instructions will be communicated to you via email.

The study team will receive research ethics review and decision making from a single REB (OHSN or CHEO) for the life of the study.

Note, if CHEO REB is the Board of record, the study team will be required to continue with the registration process for the life of the study at TOH/OHRI.

Memo and Process Diagram:

December 18, 2019
  • REB Process Diagram for Research Projects submitted under the CHEO and OHSN REB Harmonization Agreement
Coming soon!