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Dr. William Stanford has been named The Ottawa Hospital’s Chrétien Researcher of the Year for his work on blood cancer and other diseases
October 23, 2018 - When Dr. William Stanford first became a biological scientist, he simply followed his curiosity and was happy to let others pursue any practical applications of his research. Today, he goes on bedside rounds with clinicians, meets with patients and d
Could stem cells heal premature lungs, fight infections, build muscles and strengthen bones?
May 25, 2017 - Ottawa researchers closer to finding out, thanks to $1.5 million from the Ontario Institute for Regenerative Medicine Researchers from The Ottawa Hospital, CHEO and the University of Ottawa are bringing discoveries made in the lab closer to huma
Stem cell therapy rejuvenates old, brittle bones in osteoporosis model
March 17, 2016 - Approximately a quarter of all Canadians will suffer a fracture because of weak bones (osteoporosis) in their lifetime, costing the health care system more than $2.3 billion each year1. Despite the huge burden of this disease, treatments for age-

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