Bone and joint degeneration

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Ottawa Hospital researchers awarded $1.85M from Stem Cell Network
May 12, 2022 - Four research teams at The Ottawa Hospital have been awarded a total of $1.85 million to harness stem cells and regenerative medicine to develop new therapies for septic shock, bone and joint conditions, and newborn lung damage, while also advancing
Researchers at The Ottawa Hospital awarded 18 CIHR grants worth more than $11 million
February 5, 2022 - These projects will advance science and improve health in areas such as tuberculosis, blood disease, prostate cancer, heart disease, muscle repair, sleep apnea, brain cancer, medical imaging, virtual care, prehab, intellectual disability, sarcoma, CA
New scientist profile: Dr. Paul E. Beaulé aims to improve hip surgery
August 18, 2021 - As an orthopedic surgeon specialized in preserving and replacing hips, Dr. Paul Beaulé has seen first-hand how these surgeries can dramatically improve his patients’ quality of life. An overarching motivation for his research is understanding wh
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Name Scientific appointment Diseases, conditions and populations of interest Research and clinical approaches
Addison, Christina
Senior Scientist
(Cancer Therapeutics)
Bone and joint degeneration, Cancer, Lung cancer, Lung disease, Pancreatic cancer, Prostate cancer, Breast cancer Basic research, Clinical research, Cohort studies, Disease models, Drug development, Genetics, Imaging, Model organisms, Translational research, Molecular and cellular biology
Aydin, Sibel
Associate Scientist
(Clinical Epidemiology)
Arthritis, Autoimmune disease, Bone and joint degeneration, COVID-19, Population health Epidemiology, Imaging
Campbell, Mark
Clinician Investigator
(Regenerative Medicine)
Bone and joint degeneration, Musculoskeletal conditions, Stroke Basic research, Regenerative medicine, Rehabilitation, Translational research
Chandratre, Priyanka
BSc (Hons), MBBch, MRCP (UK), PhD, FRCP (UK)
Clinician Investigator
(Clinical Epidemiology)
Autoimmune disease, Bone and joint degeneration, Musculoskeletal conditions Epidemiology
Coutu, Daniel
(Regenerative Medicine)
Aging, Arthritis, Autoimmune disease, Bleeding disorders, Blood cancer, Bone and joint degeneration, Bone and joint injuries, Chronic disease, Musculoskeletal conditions, Osteoporosis 3D printing, Basic research, Bioinformatics, Biomaterials, Cell therapy, Gene expression, Gene therapy, Genetics, Genomics, Imaging, Immunotherapy, Molecular and cellular biology, Proteomics, Regenerative medicine, Stem cells, Surgery, Systems biology, Transgenic/knockout models, Translational research
Lemaire, Edward
Affiliate Investigator
(Clinical Epidemiology)
Aging, Bone and joint degeneration, Bone and joint injuries, Concussion, Global health, Musculoskeletal conditions, Spinal cord injury, Traumatic brain injury, Traumatic injuries 3D printing, Big data, Clinical research, Clinical trials, Health research methods, Quality Improvement, Rehabilitation, Health technology
Trudel, Guy
Clinician Investigator
(Clinical Epidemiology)
Bone and joint degeneration, Musculoskeletal conditions Basic research, Biomarkers, Molecular and cellular biology, Regenerative medicine, Rehabilitation

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